I’m Moving- Here’s How to Keep in Touch!

Not around the world to somewhere hot and sunny as I might dream. This weekend I will be making the big move to WordPress.org. I will miss the family here at wordpress.com but as I am now planning to make my living from helping others and teaching yoga I’m going to be needing a bit more flexibility with my blog and website. I hope you will all add me to your RSS or Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feeds so we can keep in touch! I am exporting my RSS feed from WordPress.com so I won’t miss any of you ;). Here’s how you will be able to find me:


http://www.arogayoga.com  (coming soon)



Instagram: arogayoga


I will write again soon from my new blog! So long WordPress.com!



How I yoga for ME/CFS

Lovely inspirational thoughts on how Yoga provided support for M.E

my journey thru M.E.

Philadelphia Skyline. Photo by Jess B. Philadelphia Skyline. Photo by Jess B.

By the time you read this, I should, all being well, be in Philadelphia with my sister! You can read all about my excitement, wariness and preparation, and a bit more excitement in my post Philly here we come!

As I suspect my ME / CFS addled body may not like the 8 hour flight and the 4 hour time difference, I plan (or rather I’ve been ordered by my GP and my mum…) to spend the first few (at least) days horizontal on my sister’s sofa or asleep in her bed (yep I’m kicking my sis out of her own room and onto her futon…sorry Lou). I’m not sure my mum is even going to let me make myself a cup of tea never mind use the laptop to blog! But hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I really don’t know how my…

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Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang – Making the invisible visible by Megan Schartner » Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang Launch Party — Kickstarter

I don’t usually reblog, but when I do…it’s for something awesome.

Liveken - my chronic life journey

Please check out my update on the Foggy Frog Kickstarter page.

I have provided photos from yesterday’s launch.

Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang – Making the invisible visible by Megan Schartner » Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang Launch Party — Kickstarter.

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4 Life Lessons From Yoga Teacher Training

In 2 months I will (hopefully) be a fully certified Yoga Instructor, but until then I will continue attempting to learn human anatomy and slowly getting closer to touching my toes. Despite taking up every weekend for 3 months of my life,I have enjoyed almost every moment of the course so far. Spending hours practicing and learning from some great teachers, has already taught me a lot, not only about yoga, but about my outlook on life. Here are the four things that yoga teacher training has taught me (so far):

1. Be Where You Are
I can remember a time 12 years ago when I was in great shape. A competitive swimmer with thunderously strong thighs. Today, that is no longer the case and I often struggle with lunge and squat poses. I can lament about how weak and out of shape I have become, and compare myself to my previous self, but that won’t do me much good with the body I have now. What I can do is appreciate the strength my body does have and go from there. This is the same with anything in life; it is not helpful to lament about how much we used to be able to do. You need to unlearn whatever your activity levels used to be, and start with where you are now.

2. Don’t Worry About Anyone Else
Yes, the girl next to me can do a headstand and I still can’t stop my arms from shaking uncontrollably as I lower into a chatarunga. This can be…discouraging. However, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who can do what- we all end up in corpse pose anyways- the great equalizer. Just as it is not helpful to compare yourself now to your younger self, it is not helpful to compare yourself to the people around you. You don’t know what other battles they are fighting.

3. Don’t Always Sit With Pain
Often in yoga or meditation, those suffering from chronic pain are told to sit with their pain. While this is incredibly helpful in some situations, it turns out this is harmful in other situations. If your neck or spine feels pain in a shoulder stand, you need to use a blanket, if your knees, hips, or back are hurting in meditation you need to change your position and use props to help you find a correct posture. The trick is knowing when to sit with pain and when to allow yourself to relieve it. If you do live with pain or fatigue, which situations do you feel stronger from after sitting through your pain or fatigue and which make it feel like you have pushed yourself too far? This is a good place to start.

4. Don’t Take Yoga (or life) Too Seriously
In ancient Sanskrit, the word Yoga comes from the same route as the word Yoke, as in- to yoke an animal (tying two oxen together to pull a cart). We now define yoga as a union (of animals?) and attach a lot of seriousness to the practice. Many of my classmates felt intimidated to embark on the journey of becoming a yoga teacher, yet when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, we are often told-“Don’t worry too much about it- it’s only Yoga, what’s the worst that could happen?”. That is often true of projects at work, work in general, fights over stupid things with your partner, etc. If you’ve been frustrated about something you’ve been trying to accomplish lately, allow yourself to have a little laugh about it and move on.


Yoga for Chronic Fatigue: Child’s Pose

I’ve posted before about some of my favourite yoga poses, and after getting especially deep into my practice over the holidays I’d like to share more!

Child’s pose, or Warrior’s pose, is one of my favourite, most relaxing, and stimulating poses.

There are several variations on the pose, but my favourite is to put your feet together behind your buttocks in a seated position, spread your knees apart from each other, and lean forward keeping your arms engaged. This stretches your hips, quads, back and neck, and allows energy to flow throughout your body.

If you are feeling exhausted or sore through the holiday season, I would recommend this pose!

*pictures to come soon

Have you practices this pose before? What is another favourite of yours?

Does Location Affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your chances at living a long, healthy, and happy life? Scientists are beginning to see evidence that yes, it does.

There is an island in Greece where inhabitants are known to live well into their 90’s, and Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss explores the subject in an entertaining travel memoir.

What seem to be the key factors in health and happiness:

– Healthy and fresh diet
– Strong cultural identity
– Plenty of time spent with friends and family


Waking up to this every morning wouldn’t hurt either.

Do you find your location affects your wellbeing? Have you ever just felt connected or well in a place you were only visiting? Would you consider moving to improve your health?

Graded Exercise Therapy (GET): What You Need to Know

Pro Health recently published this article , summarizing a new study on Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). They warn that patients treated with GET, a widely used therapy for ME/CFS and FM patients, could be more harmful than helpful. While I am glad to … Continue reading