I’m Moving- Here’s How to Keep in Touch!

Not around the world to somewhere hot and sunny as I might dream. This weekend I will be making the big move to WordPress.org. I will miss the family here at wordpress.com but as I am now planning to make my living from helping others and teaching yoga I’m going to be needing a bit more flexibility with my blog and website. I hope you will all add me to your RSS or Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feeds so we can keep in touch! I am exporting my RSS feed from WordPress.com so I won’t miss any of you ;). Here’s how you will be able to find me:


http://www.arogayoga.com  (coming soon)



Instagram: arogayoga


I will write again soon from my new blog! So long WordPress.com!




How I yoga for ME/CFS

Lovely inspirational thoughts on how Yoga provided support for M.E

my journey thru M.E.

Philadelphia Skyline. Photo by Jess B. Philadelphia Skyline. Photo by Jess B.

By the time you read this, I should, all being well, be in Philadelphia with my sister! You can read all about my excitement, wariness and preparation, and a bit more excitement in my post Philly here we come!

As I suspect my ME / CFS addled body may not like the 8 hour flight and the 4 hour time difference, I plan (or rather I’ve been ordered by my GP and my mum…) to spend the first few (at least) days horizontal on my sister’s sofa or asleep in her bed (yep I’m kicking my sis out of her own room and onto her futon…sorry Lou). I’m not sure my mum is even going to let me make myself a cup of tea never mind use the laptop to blog! But hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I really don’t know how my…

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