Yoga Classes and being Under Construction

What a crazy few months it has been since the new year! It feels like so much is happening and I am trying not to lose myself and work and yoga and find enough time to breathe (deeply). Sadly this has meant that I have not had much time to blog or to comment on all of the wonderful content written by the CFS/Chronic Illness blogging family (but I’ve still been reading!)- you are all an inspiration and a comfort to me.

My yoga teacher training will be coming to a close in a few short weeks, and I will soon begin teaching yoga- which has been my dream ever since I got the idea into my head back in August while chatting to a little girl by a lake outside of Berlin. But before this Yoga and Mindfulness practices have highly influenced and shaped my life for the past 4 years- a journey induced by CFS and my desire to be able to travel the world. I have received so much help and inspiration from so many teachers, often found in the strangest of places, and now I am exited to be able to give back, and help those living with Chronic Illness start their journey on to wellness.

Since CFS brought me to yoga, I now would like to bring Yoga back to CFS. The highly aerobic Yoga often taught in studios today will not be helpful for someone who is bed bound, but their are many forms of Yoga and Mindfulness that can help. I am hoping to start up a couple Yoga classes in the UK and I want your help! I’ve designed a very short (7 questions multiple choice!) survey and I’m looking for responses from anyone and everyone living with Chronic Illness! It won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time and I will be very grateful!

You can find the survey here:

You can also leave your comments on this post about your thoughts, experiences or desires about the effects of yoga and mindfulness on chronic illness and what you would like to learn more about.

I look forward to seeing your responses 🙂


5 thoughts on “Yoga Classes and being Under Construction

  1. That is great, I’m so pleased to read about you teaching yoga! I’ve completed the survey (although I’m on the other side of world and sadly can’t be one of your students) and hope it helps. When I was first very ill, I did just a little yoga and breathing in bed, then graduated to rolling out my yoga mat and laying outside, then I worked up to more yoga with the help of an app and yoga classes I’d been taking for a couple of years beforehand. I then became well enough to go to a restorative class (lots of breathing, gentle stretching poses, restorative poses and yoga nidra) and am so pleased that I’ve just improved enough to go back to my old Hatha yoga classes! I take it easy but can do around 80% of the one hour class! Yesterday I did a one-on-one class at my pace and it was worth the expense.
    I love yoga and it has been the most helpful thing to help me along with my recovery, followed pretty closely by supplements and diet (and of course yoga principles apply to diet), and meditation makes so more more sense after yoga. I’m so glad I already practised yoga before I became ill. Can you tell I’m enthusiastic about it! 🙂
    I look forward to reading more about it.

  2. Thanks so much for doing the survey! I also love restorative yoga, and love how you can move so slowly in yoga and just go with the speed, strength and agility of any given day as opposed to other exercises where you are always expected to be ahead of where you were the last time. I am hoping to post more about yoga once I have finished the course and have a bit more free time on my hands :)!

    • I enjoyed reading about your passion and enthusiasm regarding yoga and your well-being. I have been working with a personal trainer to increase my strength but I have been thinking a lot about Yoga to help with blood flow and flexibility. I’m sure you know, with chronic pain, flexibility is very difficult….but with that lack of flexibility comes a lot more pain. So why am I so scared of attempting Yoga? I worry about going into the class and not being able to bend over because I tend to have vertigo and dizziness. I worry about just how un-flexible I am; I worry people will look at me funny. Stupid, right? I hate that I’m in my own head trying to talk myself out of being a chicken! Eventually I will get there; it took me a long time to get myself back to the gym, but hopefully by reading your posts and feeling your enthusiasm through your writing, I will get that much closer, faster! 🙂

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