Yoga for Chronic Fatigue: Child’s Pose

I’ve posted before about some of my favourite yoga poses, and after getting especially deep into my practice over the holidays I’d like to share more!

Child’s pose, or Warrior’s pose, is one of my favourite, most relaxing, and stimulating poses.

There are several variations on the pose, but my favourite is to put your feet together behind your buttocks in a seated position, spread your knees apart from each other, and lean forward keeping your arms engaged. This stretches your hips, quads, back and neck, and allows energy to flow throughout your body.

If you are feeling exhausted or sore through the holiday season, I would recommend this pose!

*pictures to come soon

Have you practices this pose before? What is another favourite of yours?


Does Location Affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your chances at living a long, healthy, and happy life? Scientists are beginning to see evidence that yes, it does.

There is an island in Greece where inhabitants are known to live well into their 90’s, and Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss explores the subject in an entertaining travel memoir.

What seem to be the key factors in health and happiness:

– Healthy and fresh diet
– Strong cultural identity
– Plenty of time spent with friends and family


Waking up to this every morning wouldn’t hurt either.

Do you find your location affects your wellbeing? Have you ever just felt connected or well in a place you were only visiting? Would you consider moving to improve your health?

Graded Exercise Therapy (GET): What You Need to Know

Pro Health recently published this article , summarizing a new study on Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). They warn that patients treated with GET, a widely used therapy for ME/CFS and FM patients, could be more harmful than helpful. While I am glad to … Continue reading